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Mark Shed 19.2 Pounds of Fat in 12 Weeks with TT 2.0





173.4 lbs.

154.2 lbs.


31 inches

I guess I had to learn the hard way: keeping the weight off can be as hard as losing it. Last year I used Turbulence Training to lose a nice chunk of weight, but since that time I slowly regained more than 20 pounds. This contest was just what I needed to get back to where I was, with the difference being that this time, I knew from first-hand experience that the battle of the bulge was not over.

I started on January 6 weighing 173.4 pounds at 5'8"; 12 weeks later, on March 31, I weighed in at 154.2. I lost almost 20 pounds in 12 weeks using Turbulence Training! I followed the new Turbulence Training 2.0 Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced routines, and I walked my dog for 40 minutes on most days.

Of course I also followed all of Craig's advice on eating sensible, well-balanced meals consisting of whole foods, and that's it. The weight melted off, and I found myself having to throw in some cheat meals because I was concerned I didn't want to lose too much too fast!

I loved how the workouts were only 30 minutes long; at first I felt guilty for such short workouts, but that guilt melted away quickly when I realized how intense they were. Still, even though they were intense, they were doable. They were just right. You push hard, but you don't mind because you know the train ride only lasts 30 short minutes.

It feels great to be lean again, getting out of those billowy, over-sized clothes and back into my newer, fitted, and more stylish shirts and 31-inch-waist pants.

I've got my confidence back now that I've dug myself out of the hole I'd let myself fall back into, I'm up for the challenge of staying fit and healthy for years to come.


Mark R

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