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Jenelle Lost 10 Pounds While Getting Sculpted with TT 2.0 and Buff Dudes Hot Chicks





146 lbs.

136 lbs.


29 inches

26.75 inches

During the last 12 weeks I was able to lose an additional 10 pounds and 12.5 inches over all, including an inch off of each thigh (super exciting!!) I also lost another pant size and am now wearing either 4’s or 6’s.

I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to lose the last 10 pounds, I wasn’t even sure I wanted or needed to but after seeing the results I’m glad I persevered as I’m finally where I want to be.

I put quite a bit of focus and intentions into my workouts, gaining both strength and muscle. For instance, I added 10 pounds to each dumbbell in my chest press and 7 pounds to each one for bulgarian split squats (ouch). I also am able to complete burpees and 3 full chin-ups along with 25 full pushups in a row. My arms and shoulders are seeing definition like they never have before and it’s awesome. In fact I look better now than I have in my entire life, even when I was young. My muscle tone is fabulous and better yet I look better balanced instead of skinny.

The thing I’m most proud of however is that people are seeing ME as an inspiration and starting their own transformations. Several people contacted me for advice after the last contest and I was able to direct them to Turbulence Training so they could do what I did. There is one lady in particular, Robins Goins, who saw my transformation and decided she wanted what I had worked hard to get. And she did it. I couldn’t be more proud to see her final pictures and the numbers are astounding. I think back to Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben who so eloquently stated “with great power comes great responsibility”. Now I am no Superhero but I would be missing out on something great in life if I ignored the needs of those around me. I’m happy to have my small part in the 10 Million Person Transformation and hope to see that snowball continue in my life.

I love being able to tell people I work out 3 to 4 times a week for 30 minutes - that’s it, no hours upon hours in the gym. Fast and effective. Not easy, but worth it.



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