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Charles Gained Muscle and Increased His Strength with TT Rises and TT Meatheads V





172 lbs.

173 lbs.


32.5 inches

31.5 inches

I have used Turbulence Training workout programs on and off for the past three years. I am sometimes lured to try different programs but fail to achieve rapid results. Once Craig announced the Pro Challenge contest, I was ready to go.

I felt that I need to drop some additional body fat. I reviewed several of his programs and went with Turbulence Rises. It started to work immediately. In fact, I dropped 6 lbs of stubborn belly fat in the first three weeks. I was extremely shocked by the results.

At that point, I switched gears into muscle building mode. I went with Meatheads V. I started putting on a little bit of muscle for awhile but got sick of all the food. I went back to cutting with Turbulence Rises again this time with less food but more food than I originally ate.

I used this program till the end of the contest along with Hot Zone body weight circuit training. I did a variety of different types of low intensity exercises such as walking, playing basketball, and playing badminton.

I did some interval training here and there depending on if I ate a lot of carbs that day. My diet was a mixed approach. Sometimes I ate a very low carb diet and later a medium carb diet and sometimes a higher carb diet. I did two cheat meals a week.

I would say that this approach is great for anyone who is carb sensitive such as I am. Overall, I had a great time throughout the contest. I was prepared a lot better than before.

I had more knowledge regarding nutrition and supplementation. Some of the supplements that I believe helped me the most are: BSN N.O. Xplode 2.0, Gaspari MyoFusion, CLA, Omega 3, Multivitamin pack and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. I took ½ TBS of EVCO on medium carb days and 1 TBS of EVCO on low carb days. This helped to fuel my workouts.

I did take several other supplements which are water soluble vitamins. I did not feel any different than the ones that I listed above.



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