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Allan Dropped 13 Pounds of Fat and 4.5 Inches Off His Waist with Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks and HWR





208 lbs.

195 lbs.


43 inches

38.5 inches

Before joining this Turbulence Training challenge, I thought I was fit. I work as a bar manager at a local club, much of the work is quite physical; constant lifting and walking all day. I am 68 and I’m a Young man!

When I got home from work, I would slump in the comfortable chair; have a snooze for two hours or so. I thought that was because I’d physically worked hard during the day and it was normal to be tired; I now know a new kind of ‘normal’.

I have been doing Home Workouts Revolution as well as “Buff Dudes-Hot Chicks” workout, challenging myself, to increase the weights for the maximum benefit on the next workout.

The benefits are that I’m far less tired and a lot more active; I snooze less but sleep better; I have more energy; tiredness is something to look forward to because I know I’ve worked hard to earn the rest!

The workouts were rewarding, rewarding because I completed them, I had encouragement from my great trainer and her team to keep going and stay focussed – right to the last lift, squat or burpee. The added bonus was the training family I now have.

To improve my fitness and overall general health was my goal, so that I could maintain a healthy lifestyle without having to worry about any major health problems. 20 years ago I had a triple bypass surgery. I have always been consciously aware of meal sizes, healthy choices and taking all things in moderation.

I wanted to be able to keep up with the younger crowd at work as well as my family and grandchildren and perhaps drop a couple of kilos at the same time.

What I achieved was much more than a fitness goal, it is more likened to a transformation.

It involves pride because I became fitter, stronger and leaner. My family see that I’m fitter and healthier and they are proud.

A transformation from “the old kind of normal” to “new kind of normal”; a normal lifestyle which includes the balance of exercise, fitness, food and energy to keep up with everyone else.



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