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Melissa Begins Her Journey To A Healthier Lifestyle
By Shedding 22 Pounds and 24 Inches From Her Body

It seems I have been on a diet/exercise rollercoaster my entire life.  I have been obese since elementary school; the result of poor nutrition and inactivity.  Throughout my teen years my weight escalated and continued to be an issue regardless of any weight loss attempt I made. I tried various fad diets and spent many hours a week in the gym but had no results to show for it.  Of course I was frustrated.  So I gave up.

In my twenties I gave Weight Watchers a try and had success with the program losing 50 pounds in three short months.  This was unsustainable as I went about it all wrong.  I was focused on very clean eating and doing as little exercise as possible.  I felt deprived.  And quit again.

Fast forward eight years. 

Now age 31.  Your typical couch potato.  Now working in health care, seeing first hand every single day how excess fat hinders ones quality of life.  From minor issues to very serious diseases.  It is quite disturbing and definitely has made me see what I am doing to my own quality of life.  I now have health problems that I had only ever associated with the elderly.  It’s scary stuff. 

Thankfully, these are reversible with proper nutrition and exercise.  In eight years I have had an approximate weight gain of 150 pounds owed to eating poorly and leading a very sedentary lifestyle.  I just didn’t care anymore.  I ate whatever I wanted, when I wanted and being active was nowhere on my list of things to do.  I am quite ashamed and embarrassed about how far I have let my health go but was determined to make another attempt at a healthier lifestyle. I had nothing to lose and a lifetime of opportunities to gain.

I approached Corey Arsenault, owner of Stretch Fitness for help.  I knew I needed guidance and a push in the right direction.  My life has changed dramatically since that very first day I walked through those gym doors.  Now, I love to eat healthy!  I love my daily workouts!  I workout 5-7 days each week and not because I have to, it’s because I want to.  I look forward to each and every day.  As my personal trainer, Corey’s Turbulence Training workouts are fast, fun and effective. I am out of the gym in under an hour!

Through healthy eating following the Weight Watchers program, Corey’s Turbulence Training workouts and encouragement, I am proud to say that in just under three months I have lost 22 pounds and an overall total of 24 inches.

I have not felt this good in many years.  The best thing I ever did was admit to myself that I needed help with this lifelong struggle.  It really is a physical, emotional and mental experience.  I am thankful each and every day.

Thanks so much for the awesome TT workouts!

Starting Measurements:             

Chest – 56”  
Waist – 54”              
Hips – 60”                
Right Leg – 31”                  
Left Leg – 32”                      
Right Arm – 17”                                ”
Left Arm – 17”                      

After Measurements:

Chest– 53”
Waist – 48”
Hips – 56”
Right Leg – 28”       
Left Leg – 28”
Right Arm – 15”

Total Inches Lost:  24
Total Pounds Lost:  22


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