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Eduardo Overcomes No-Cardio Skepticism
And Gets Shredded Using TT Meatheads

In June 2011, I had to make the decision of either losing weight or buying bigger clothes. Fortunately, I picked the first!!! I found out the Turbulence Training two months later through the Belly off Blog on Men’s Health website. I must say that I couldn’t believe that it would work. Come ‘on, how could I lose weight without long boring cardio sessions? Plus, doing 3-4 short workouts per week? It was completely against the grain and too good to be true (at least until I know the really mean of “turbulence”!!). But I decided to give it a try, even because I hadn’t anything to lose: if TT doesn’t work, the orthodox long-cardio-based approach was not working either!

Thanks to TT, I lose about 20 pounds of fat in one year! But I made a very mistake after that: I over relaxed my diet thinking that I would build muscle faster by eat more calories every day, including junk some junk stuff. It is not hard to guess what happened: by September 2012, I did gain 10 pounds of fat back!! I was really frustrating with myself and decided to start it over once more.

So my decision to enter the contest was based on my previous fail of keeping the fat away! I needed extra motivation and accountability to not screw it up again! During these 3 moths I followed three TT for Meatheads (1.0, 2.0 – my favorite – and TT for Reformed Meatheads). I followed the Renegade Diet that Craig suggested once on Facebook – I just added one fast day to the main framework, usually every Monday. Now I’m 159 lbs, but this time I did not gain any fat. I believe I look even leaner than when I started with 150 lbs.

I really want to thank Craig for all the help and support (I really like the daily tips you sent the daily Q&A on Facebook is pure gold). And Craig put me in touch with guys like Brad Pilon and Jason Ferruggia that have all I need to know for a good nutrition.

If you are skeptical about Turbulence Training, as I was, please make yourself a favor and give it a try. This training approach combined with a good nutrition is a fail proof plan.

In short:

TT Workouts Used:
TT for Meatheads; TT for Meatheads 2.0 and TT for Reformed Meatheads

Jason Ferruggias’s Renegade Diet (plus a 24-30h fast once a week)

Supplements taken:
creatine and fish oil

+ 9 pounds of lean mass 

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