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70-Year-Old, Don, Adds Strength and
Sheds 6 Pounds of Fat for Chiseled Abs

There were several significant events that happened in 2012.  I reached 70 years of age, my wife and I celebrated 40 yrs. of marriage and beginning around last September we began to transition to a plant based diet.  I noticed there were not a lot of “old geezers” entering the TT Transformation Contest but decided to join in anyway.  I have been doing TT workouts for a bit over 2 years and I was in the midst of the 6 Month Bodyweight Manuel which I just completed last week. I did the workouts only but not the post workout intervals.  I lost 6 lbs but feel a lot of my gains were performance based.  At my final workout I was able to do the 3 sets of pull ups in sets of 10-9-8 compared to 8-8-8 my first workout.  Also, last week I did 5 chin ups with a 50 lb dumbbell held between my legs and 2 reps with 75 lbs.  At my final workout I was finally able to do 3 sets of 10 reps on the burpees as the last exercise in the final 5 exercise circuit. My first attempt I did 8-8-0.

During many of my workouts I was able to reach a max heart rate in the low 170’s.  These workouts seem to be excellent for conditioning. 

I followed a plant based diet greater than 90 % of the time which allows plenty to eat without a lot of calories.  My wife and I have been on this diet since last September and generally have one “cheat meal” a week.  The workouts consisted of Phase 4, 5 & 6 of the TT 6-Month Bodyweight Manuel.

40 years ago I weighed 138 lbs. and considered myself fairly muscular, trim and fit.  I know I have lost muscle mass as I have aged so it would not be unreasonable to drop a bit more weight.  I want to keep fit to enjoy my hobbies of backpacking, camping and gardening and many more years of my TT workouts.

Before Measurements:

Weight                         146     
Waist                           34      
Hips                           37 1⁄4               
Chest                         37 1⁄4                                     

After Measurements:

Weight                       140
Waist                          33
Hips                           36
Chest                         36 ½

Lost 6 lbs. 
Waist size down 1 inch
Hips down 1 ½ inches


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