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Concetta Reaches A Huge Personal Goal While
Dropping 4 Pounds And An Inch From Her Waist

Completed this part of my journey on Saturday, 3.30. Why do I love these contests?

For the challenge to myself, to better myself. For accountability to my friends and guides on this forum.

I have said it many times, but being able to write here and then read the feedback from all of you is priceless. Having fellow travelers on this journey allows me to share my stumbles and triumphs. Knowing I can ask for advice and "gentle" encouragement gets me through some days. I can't thank all of you enough for helping me.

My goal was to reach 125lbs. I reached 128. HUGE for me. Knowing that I can exist below 130lbs and not be hungry or miserable is great news for me. My desire to be below 130lbs is the holy grail for me. It is a healthy place for me. My back and knees feel great. I feel great.

I lost 1" around my waist. The rest of the measurements were about the same. I think my "bump" below my waist is a bit smaller. If I can figure out how to attach the pictures from the beginning of the contest to compare I will edit this entry.

I used Chris Lopez's Kettlebell Revolution 2.0 throughout TT#16. A great program. Besides how very tough it was, and how I think it is helping me to lose body fat, the fact that I could DO the workouts was so encouraging. When I read through it the first few times, I was aghast, thinking there was no way I could do some of it. Talk about endorphins! Chris was I think Craig's first certified turbulence trainer and knows how to design for maximum effectiveness. Gave me sky high confidence.

The main reason I am here and continue to be here is Craig. You are a great trainer, motivator and guide. No BS, but the programs AND encouragement to be our best. Can't thank you enough, and can't wait to accomplish more.

Pounds and inches:

4lbs (132lbs-128lbs)
1" from waist. (30"-29")


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