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It came to a point in life where I realized I am the only one that can change my bad habits and that it’s going to be hard but I just have to keep on going.

It all started when I was sitting on the couch dreaming about being in shape and going to the gym. “Me going to the gym”... by myself what would I do besides use the treadmill, and where do I start in weight lifting it was all so over whelming so I never did go. Couple days later again it was making me depressed, my feeling over weight and lack of exercise, so I walked out the door and headed down to Mawson Fitness and talked with one of the trainers that where there.

It inspired me and motivated me to get a personal trainer, I started with Shelly Turk. This woman is helping change my life as she introduced me to Turbulence training and introduced me to the web site. I had to join the contest not just for the money but to have an exercise program I can follow. Once I started TT Training I fell in love it is

Fun, keeps me on my toes, and slowly I start to feel a change, and every day I started to feel better. I had my slip and trips but the feeling of getting back up on my feet was inspirational to me knowing I could and that it was me in charge. This was the only thing I have control over made me feel mentally strong. My goal is to continue on my journey to a fit new me, a healthier new me, and most of all a happier new me.

My nutrition program played another important role in my transformation, no more junk food, no more dairy, no more sugar. 3 small meals and 2 healthy snacks sure helped out a lot. I would crave many things but snacking of veggies made me feel better. I looked forward to my binge day and enjoyed the little things I thought

I missed but the way they made me feel after was not too great. I still snack on the odd junk food but most days are getting better for my healthy eating plan.

Just at the very last week of the contest I read up on Eat Stop Eat and enjoying it so far.

My routine for the week was 7 days

• Day 1- 24/7 bodyweight
• Day 2- Cardio Intervals
• Day 3-24/7 bodyweight
• Day 4-Cardio Intervals
• Day 5-24/7 bodyweight
• Day 6-cardio intervals
• Day 7-slow day with a walk or yoga on the internet

Starting Measurements:             

Chest                                     101.0  
Navel                                      99.5 cm                      
2” up navel (waist)              85.0 cm                  
Gluteal hip                            104.0 cm                            
R thigh                                   52.0 cm                                     
L thigh                                    52.0 cm                                     
R arm                                     30.5 cm                                       
L arm                                     30.5  
Shoulders                             111.5 cm                                

Ending Measurements:                

Chest                                      94.0 cm
Navel                                       88.0 cm
2” up navel (waist)                 77.5 cm
Gluteal hip                              50.5 cm
R thigh                                     50.5 cm
L thigh                                      50.5 cm
R arm                                        28.5 cm
L arm                                         28.5
Shoulders                                 106.5 cm

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