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Rob Loses Over 23 Pounds of Fat and 3 Inches From His Waistline to Celebrate His 35th Birthday with Turbulence Training and Eat Stop Eat

I started this contest during the lead up to my 35th birthday. After
college, I had put on some weight, at times getting up to almost 213 lbs.
With on and off attempts at working out, I had cut down to 189 lbs at times,
but seemed to be sticking to right at 199 lbs.

Because I am a below knee amputee, my prosthetist had been advising for
several years that I should really try to keep my weight below 180 lbs.
Additionally, I know that I need to keep my blood pressure in a reasonable
range. I had been looking for a program that had proven results and I had
seen Craig in various articles in fitness magazines. I had also viewed some
of his videos on Youtube.

After viewing his blogs, I saw that he ran transformation contests. Since
then, I have seen several fitness experts state that one of the best ways to
get results is to enroll in this sort of contest where you have the benefit
of a set timetable and forums that allow for some level of accountability
and support.

I was also comfortable that Craig offered a variety of workout plans that
gave me options for the training modality, since I work out at home.

At the outset of the contest, my number one target was to get my weight
below 180 lbs. I also had a spring/summer suit that I bought last summer
when I was around 189 lbs that had become tight and uncomfortable. I wanted
to be back in that suit by the spring time. And, most importantly, I was
hoping to relieve some of the pressure on my residual limb and improve my
energy levels.

In the long-term, my intent was to develop the on-going habit of a strong
physical fitness routine, clean eating habits and an active lifestyle that I
can model for my children.

Beginning Statistics
I started the program on January 3rd. My measurements at that time were:

Age: 34
Height: 5?10?
Weight: 199.6 lbs
Chest: 43?
Waist (Navel): 39 ? ?
Waist (Beltline): 36?

Approach (BW Cardio 3, BW 1000 and TT Clash)
Over the course of the 12 weeks, I selected the Bodyweight Cardio 3,
Bodyweight 1000 and Clash of the Titans workouts. I performed the workouts
in the mornings before work. By going with Bodyweight Cardio 3 first, I was
able to get my body used to working out again on a routine basis.
Progressing through these three programs allowed me to really work my way
through the increasing intensity.

Over the course of the 12 weeks, I used the methods in Eat Stop Eat
approximately once a week. In addition to that, I primarily ate boneless,
skinless chicken breasts, tilapia or boneless, skinless chicken thighs.
Veggies were mostly some variation of frozen spinach or frozen Normandy
blend (broccoli,

During the first half of the contest, I was working exceptionally long
hours. During the second half of the contest, as my workload normalized, I
posted in the discussion forums and read the journals of some of the other
participants in the challenge. It was really helpful to hear the various
stories and to be challenged by the results that others were getting during
their transformation process.

I ended the challenge on March 27 after having completed a full 12 weeks. My
wife was excited to see the final statistics. I feel great, and I?m eager to
pick another workout to continue my progress. Here are the final statistics:

Age: 35 (yep, I had a birthday during the contest)
Weight: 176.2 lbs
Chest: 40?
Waist (Navel): 33 ? ?
Waist (Beltline): 33?

I am confident that as I continue with Craig?s programs and better eating
habits, I will be able to maintain my weight below the 180lb threshold in a
manageable and enjoyable manner.


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