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Rich Drops Over 25 Pounds and 6 Inches From His Waist to Lose the Fat That Was Holding Him Back

I have made so much progress in the past 12 weeks that I really need to
thank Craig Ballantyne!  However, it isn?t just the past 12 weeks that I
need to thank him for but really the past year and a half.  Let me explain

A year and a half ago I decided I needed to do something with my life and
the military seemed like the way to go.  I was ready to go and was fully
committed, but I was almost 80 pounds over the weight limit to join!  

I was dedicated, however, and I found Craig?s programs on the internet and
began to follow his workouts as well as his blog posts about exercise and
diet.  Steadily the weight started to come off.  I did the work outs just as
prescribed and followed his diet advice.  It worked! I was consistently
loosing weight and, within a few months I was ready to enlist and go to
basic training.  

The truly remarkable thing for me was that I went from being severely
overweight to being fit and ready for boot camp within a few short months.  
When I got to basic training I found that although I wasn?t the most fit
person there, I out performed many people including many that were 10 years
younger than I was.

Fast forward about a year and several setbacks and I found that I had let my
health and fitness decline.  The pressures of the job, moving several times
in one year, and not being in control of what I could eat and when I could
work out meant that I gained back about 30 pounds of the 80 I lost!  I was
disappointed in myself but I knew that if I had done it once I could do it

After New Year?s I decided I needed to set a 12-week goal of getting back in
shape.  I have a military fitness test coming up in late April and I knew
that if I got back to following Craig?s workouts and nutrition advice I
would be able to take the weight off and perform well on the test!

I have lost 25 lbs and I have improved my test scores remarkably.  The
combination of total-body strength training and interval training gave me
the tools to improve my strength, get faster on my run times, and lose the
fat that was holding me back.

Before 232.5
After  207.0
Total: -25.5

Before  42?
After    36?

Programs used
Hotel Workouts

I never want to go back to the way I was before.  I feel fantastic and I
feel proud of the results I have achieved.  My goal after this is to keep
learning about exercise and nutrition and bring these tools to those I work
with to help them with their fitness journeys.  Thanks again for your help,


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