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Neil Drops 18 Pounds and Gets 6-Pack Abs With Turbulence Training and the Slow Carb Diet...Plus a Little Red Wine

To get what you've never had, you've got to do what you've never done!

For me, that quote really sums up the whole of my experiences in the
transformation contest.

I first came across Craig?s Turbulence Training program 2 years ago when I
realised that I wasn't getting the fitness results I wanted. At that time, I
was following the usual modern day health club trainer recommendations and
doing some classes at the club. It was fun and enjoyable, but at the same
time not really changing my body all that much.

Once I turned to TT, although I still did my favourite classes but a lot
less often, my body soon changed. I even entered 2 transformation contests
before this one. But in life, goals are transient with time, and change. I
decided on both of those occasions that the contest wasn't fitting in with
my goals at those times, and didn't complete the full duration.

This New Year, however, something inside me changed. I realised that I was
only exercising to gloss over my bad habits, which were inconsistencies in
my diet and lifestyle, and that these were preventing me from achieving my
ultimate health goal: to not only be fit, but to look fit, lean and healthy.
I needed to find a means to this result, and the 10th Turbulence Training
Transformation contest came around at just the right time, was as good a
reason as any to motivate me and move me closer to that goal.

The first 4 weeks of the contest were frustrating. I got a flying start, but
I very quickly hit an annoying plateau that lasted for 3 weeks. My diet was
ineffective and I also picked up a shoulder injury (somehow), that even now,
is still taking a long time to recover from.

Although the injury made it harder to make the strength gains in my upper
body that I would have liked, I became more determined to match the other
members by re-evaluating my lifestyle and diet, and so went back to the
fundamentals of fat loss, which I must admit, I had totally forgotten.

I got things back on track by going back to basics, and doing things which
over time I?d become reluctant to do, such as keeping a food diary, tracking
calories and using a moderate form of ?elimination? diet, in the form of the
slow carb diet. This allowed to to lose fat, and indulge my cravings with a
weekly cheat day, and what sold it to me further was that I could still joy
the occasional couple of glasses of red wine whilst still dieting! What
a "great" bonus!!!

That decision, although forced upon me by the annoying plateau, was the
major turning point. Once I?d overcome that, everything became more simple.
My biggest failure was becoming my biggest success, but whilst it was more
simple, it wasn't necessarily more easy...

My diet wasn't always perfect during the remaining 8 weeks, because I am
only human, just like everyone else who has entered the contest. But what
has helped me the most though, has been support from those members on the
forum, and if it weren't for them, I wouldn't have entered the mini contest
or made it through to the end. Rejoining the member's site was the best
decision I made throughout the contest, and reaped massive dividends.

My primary goal was never how much weight (or even fat mass) I could lose,
but to get my waist down below 30 inches at the navel.

I achieved that with a week to spare. I?m thrilled, delighted, and singing
from the roof tops. My other major girth measurements haven't really
changed, particularly since my entry into the 6 week long mini contest. My
body fat has disappeared from where I wanted it to go (my belly), and I've
maintained my muscle mass in the important areas. I decided to stretch my
goal to 29.5", and I achieved that too.

I also have to say that, until week 11 of the contest, I did absolutely
ZERO "traditional" cardio. No running, no stationary bikes, no rowing
machines and certainly no elliptical trainers. I resumed running again in
the last couple of weeks as a challenge to change my training up. During
those first 10 weeks my ?cardio? consisted of either the TT bodyweight
circuit programs, or other forms of metabolic conditioning using kettlebell
intervals/circuits and other exercises.

It really is true that you can, and will, lose fat, by saying a big ?NO!? to
ineffective and time consuming traditional cardio, and using Craig?s
effective quick workouts instead alongside an effective diet, which of
course is the key to success.

I've achieved my goals for the 12 weeks:

· To reduce my waistline and love handles below 30?
· To maintain my muscle mass (important as I have a smaller bone structure
and thin joints)
· To improve my self confidence

The whole contest experience has been a very rewarding one for me: Making
the final 5 in the mini contest, and being runner up was a really big boost
in personal confidence. There were some exceptionally competitive entries in
the mini contest, and I also expect there to be more competitive entries in
the 12 week contest too...

Colleagues at work are always asking me what I?m doing, and even one of
the ?big guys? at the gym has been complimenting me on my hard work and
discipline. In fact he told me to put my clothes back on when I was getting
changed for the pool as I was making him feel fat!!! I've also had a health
assessment which put me in the top decile of all UK males aged 30-39, and I
became member of the month at my gym for the month of February. And,
although I don't often run, I absolutely smashed my personal best time for a
5km run by nearly 2 minutes as I approached the final week of the contest.

It?s been an amazing and successful 3 months, and simply because I took
control of this important area of my life, made the commitment to enter the
contest and ?do it right this time?. I've now seen this contest through to
conclusion, and as a result, I?m fitter, stronger and leaner, both
physically and mentally.

I soon reach the next age milestone in June 2012, "the big four O". A lot of
TT members have said that I now have a body that a lot of younger guys would
be jealous of. One TT member has even said to me that achieving a body like
mine is his aspiration, and that makes me feel very proud.

My body transformation is now improving other areas of my life: I feel so
much more confident, more socially mobile, and proud of myself. I feel lean,
fit, sexy and confident, and what?s more, I've made some new friends via the
forum; friends that have helped me get through the trials and tribulations
of the contest. To those people who have helped me along the way, I can
never be thankful enough.

Even though this transformation contest may now be closing, I can now move
onto new challenges in all areas of my life with confidence. My
personal 'transformation? goes on, and will be a continuous and reflective
process. Again I have to say another big final thanks to Craig and everyone
else who has given me support. Words can never be enough.

Final Results and Stats

Start date 15 Jan 2011, End date 8 April 2011

Age 38
Height 5'9"

Weight 150 lb (168lb) - 18lb
Shoulders 46.5?(47.5?) - 1"
Chest 38? (38?) no change
Waist 29.5?(33?) - 3.5"
Neck 14.5(15.5?) - 1"
Left Bicep 13.25? (13.75?) -.5"
Hips 36.5? (37.5?) - 1"
Left Thigh 20.5 (21?) - .5"

Weeks 1 - 4 - winging it
Weeks 5 to 12 - The Slow Carb Diet

Weeks 1-3 Original TT advanced + Bodyweight Cardio 3
Weeks 4-6 TT for Buff Dudes & Hot Chicks + Bodyweight Cardio 2
Weeks 7 & 8 TT March Madness 2009
Weeks 9 - 12 TT Transformation 3

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