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Cameron Drops 21 Pounds, 5% Body Fat and 4 Inches From His Waist With Turbulence Training and Eat-Stop-Eat - Plus His Golf Score Has Started to Drop

What a fun 12 weeks it has been!  I feel great!  I feel like I look a heck of
a lot better and healthier than I did 12 weeks ago!  After looking at the
before and after pictures (even with a farmer's tan), I can tell that I was in
need of some real hard work and a disciplined diet to see some of the changes
that I have been able to realize over the past 12 weeks.

As a Business Development Manager I'm meeting with clients for lunch on a
daily basis.  Combine that with being the father of three energetic kids and
finding the time and motivation to workout hasn't always been easy.  

I would go to the gym here and there and see some results and then get
frustrated because I could never get my nutrition in line.  It was during my
first week into the contest that I discovered something that in combination
with Turbulence Training, I believe has changed my view of health, fitness and
nutrition forever and that was Brad Pilon's ebook: Eat Stop Eat.

Brad's book echoed so much of what Craig had been saying in his daily emails
and on his Facebook updates.  We as a society are overfed.  I knew this from
personal experience in following the six-meals-per-day "Obsessive Compulsive
Eating" methods Brad talked about in his book.  

I also knew this from the numerous business luncheons I still had to attend
during the weekdays for my job.  This convenient eating strategy combined with
Craig's advice to fill your diet with as many fruits and vegetables as
possible was one of the tipping points for my newfound success.  By the way,
I'm still trying to convince my wife to try a spinach, blueberry shake with
almond milk.  They taste great!

The workouts that I followed were all challenging, but more importantly they
were safe.  I love the TT-style "superset" way that Craig compounds exercises
to make sure you are getting the maximum amount of effective exercise in the
shortest amount of time.  My favorite bodyweight exercise has to be Spider-man

I also love the interval training workouts Craig prescribes.  I can't tell you
how much I hate the thought of going back to long, low-intensity cardio
workouts that go for an hour or two on the treadmill.  Not fun!  With the
resistance training in each TT workout followed by a "brief" interval workout,
you'll never leave the gym feeling like you need to do more work.

During my Turbulence Training journey, I dropped just over 5% body fat.  I
lost 4" on my waist and I maintained much of the muscle mass in my chest,
arms, neck, calves and thighs.  That was one of the most surprising
discoveries following this training.  I had thought that in order to drop
weight the way I did, I was sure to lose quite a bit of lean muscle mass.  I'm
happy to say I am stronger than I was before and as a result of a leaner
physique, my golf score has begun to drop.

On my days off from training, I would go golfing, walk the dog or just play
basketball or soccer with one of my kids.  It was fun to have more energy and
less body mass to have to move around all the time.  Who was I kidding before?
I was overweight and thinking I was in a lot better shape than I was in.

Craig, I wish you the best of luck in your continual mission to get as many
people as possible into better shape and to rid them of their belly fat.  I'm
on a mission as well.  I don't see the close of this contest as an end, but a
continuation in my journey to get down to a body fat percentage that is truly
lean (9%).  More importantly, I want to be healthy, functional and happy for
my family in the years to come.  I know I can do that so much easier with
Turbulence Training principles and intermittent flexible fasting.  Thanks
Turbulence Training!

January 9th, 2011 Statistics

Bodyweight: 198.6 lbs
Body fat Percentage (Omron Electronic Scale): 21%
BMI: 29.7
Chest (1" above nipples): 44.5"
Neck: 16.5"
R. Arm (Flexed): 15"
L. Arm (Flexed): 15"
Waist: 40"
Hips: 41"

April 3rd, 2011 Statistics

Bodyweight: 177.6 lbs
Body fat Percentage (Omron Electronic Scale): 15.9%
BMI: 26.8
Chest (1" above nipples): 43"
Neck: 16.5"
R. Arm (Flexed): 14.5"
L. Arm (Flexed): 14.5"
Waist: 36"
Hips: 38"

Workouts Used

Big 5 Fat Loss Circuit
BW Circuit 2.0
Meatheads 5  (One of your best workouts)



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