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Adam Gets Ripped 6-Pack Abs and Drops 14.2 Pounds of Fat to Hit Single Digit Body Fat Levels

I used TT 2k6 Hardcore Fat loss, TT Meatheads IV Lean & Jacked, and TT 2k4.
My diet methods consisted of Leangains style 16 hour daily fasts and usually
1 Eat-Stop-Eat 24 hour fast per week. I focused on eating high quality
proteins, with lots of vegetables, fruits and nuts. I eliminated grains, and
for an extra challenge eliminated beer.

Age: 29
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 187 --> 172.8 (-14.2 lbs)
BF: 21% per my tanita scale, but i think probably closer to 14%
BF: 21% --> 17% (-4%), per scale, 7 point Jackson Pollock puts me between 8-
9% at the end.

Measurements Initial --> Final
Neck - 15.5'' --> 16'' (+0.5)
Bicep - 15'' --> 15'' (0)
Chest - 38.5'' --> 38.5'' (0)
Waist at navel - 35'' --> 31'' (-4'')
Hips - 39'' --> 34'' (-6'')
Thigh - 23'' --> 22'' (-1'')
Calves - 15''--> 14.5'' (-0.5'')

Goal Review
I initially stated the following goals: "My goal is to get to <10% and
really closer to 8% bodyfat. I think this will require me to drop about 10
lbs assuming I don't lose muscle mass (putting some one would always be

I hit these on all accounts. Bodyfat is always a bit challenging to measure,
but by all measures I'm <10% and am very close to my 8% goal. I lost 14.2
lbs of weight, which I believe to be nearly all fat, while putting on 2-3lbs
of muscle.

Twelve weeks, it amazing what perspective can put to the feeling that those
two words have. Heading into it, it's more than "twelve weeks", it's "3
months!", it's the "entirety of the year (so far)", it's no beer and a
seemingly endless amount of sacrifice.

Spin to the other side of the looking glass and it is INCOMPREHENSIBLE the
ironic duality of how trivial and powerful "twelve weeks" is. The trivial
association is only related to our perceptions of time; I cannot remember
when I started, as Craig points out 12 weeks are only a mere 0.05% of our

I can barely remember all of my workouts, and all the cooking. But the
powerful side of twelve weeks is monumental. I KNOW the effort and I am
extremely proud to say that in twelve weeks I am a very different person
than I was before. I am lighter by 14+ pounds of fat.

None of my old pants fit, and I had to buy a new suit. Of course it goes far
beyond that; I've proven to myself what can be accomplished with the right
plan and a good amount of dedication. I've learned tremendously about
nutrition and both the body's and mind's responses to food. It has been a
long road, 3 years ago I was >210lbs and had to wear elastic swimsuits to
the beach, now I've proudly pushed past where I thought I could physically
and can let loose of the elastic.

People now ask, "how did you do it? What supplements do you take?" expecting
there to be an easy answer. Thanks to Turbulence Training the answer is
simple but not easy. Do the work, eat less and you WILL accomplish your
goals. The TT workouts are awesome, a fantastic blend of classic strength
training, with innovative moves/methods and just the right length (~1 hour).

The TT Forum was also an unexpected help/benefit. It was helpful to read
about others' struggles and successes to gain perspective and focus on my
own. The simple act of putting your workout and diet down to words can be
extremely powerful, and is very useful when looking back.

Craig, thank you. It can sound trite but it's true, I can say without
question that Turbulence Training has changed my life.


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