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Tamas Drops 30.5 Pounds of Fat and 11% Body Fat
While Getting Rid of 5 Inches of Belly Fat

Dear Craig,

I don't even know where to start. Turbulence Training was a Christmas gift from my son, and I wanted to prove myself and my family that I really can stick to the plan and achieve great results. I started working out and realized that with proper nutrition and brief, demanding resistance training (with is TT) I can manage to get more work done, have better overall energy,and my blood markers also improved.

Of course, it wasn't always easy. Being a busy father of two sometimes I had to do workouts in the morning. Not at all child's play sometimes. But I trained, endured and perceivered.

Exercising with my son gave me the push and motivation to finish the programme. Also, without my wife's help with the nutrition part, I could never have made a fat-loss journey like this.

Next thing is, I'd like to see how I can maintain my weight loss, but after a short rest, of course I'll embrace the power of TT Workout more and more. I'd like to note that I went through some nice strenght gains also (pushups: from 3 to 17, pullups: from 0 to 3, barbell squats: from 40kg to 65kg for 10reps ).

During these 3 months I did TT Bodyweight,TT DB-BW Fusion Workouts, original TT for Fat Loss and also incorporated some challenges like TT Bodyweight 200,300& Bodyweight Cardio.

But this 12-week transformation is just the beginning !

Here are some stats:

Age: 43
Height: 176cm (5'9)

(January 2) Starting weight: 108.4kg (239lbs)
(March 26) Ending weight: 94.6kg (208.5lbs)
Total fat lost: 13.8kg (30.4lbs)

Day 1 Starting bodyfat: 33%
Day 84 Ending bodyfat: 22%
Total bodyfat lost: 11 %

Also, waist measurement (around belly button) is down 13cm (5.1inches)
As you can see on the pictures, my measurements improved a bit, I had to buy some new clothes.

Thank you Craig Ballantyne,for your inspirations and for Turbulence Training !

Tamas S. (Hungary)

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