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Busy Mom Stacey Loses 12 Pounds and Drops 2 Pant Sizes in 12 Weeks

I have finally completed a TT Transformation contest and I couldn’t be happier. I have lost 12 lbs and gained tremendous energy, focus, and confidence. Just being able to say that is huge progress for me! When I started I wanted to lose 25 lbs, so 12 lbs is only half of my original goal.

In the past I have started TT transformation contests only to find that a missed workout or eating off track would derail me. Guess what? Duringthis contest I missed several workouts due to being sick or even simply unmotivated and discovered that I really struggled with the nutrition aspects of transformation at times, but I did not quit. I learned from what my body was telling me and now I have a strong foundation for future challenges and continued transformation of both my mind and my body. In so many ways I am such a better version of myself than I was 12 weeks ago.

I am a busy mom of two great kids ages 7 and 4. I also work full-time. Winter is hard for me and this winter the weather was exceptionally bad. I struggled with several different illnesses due to working in an elementary school, missed work and got behind, and had difficulty with gloomy days leading to a gloomy attitude.

Most winters that would equal a 10 lb weight gain. In the fall, by focusing on eating clean and beginning some exercise, I had lost 10 lbs and was starting to feel good. I started on January 4 at 187.6 on my 5’10’’ frame. I ended on March 27 at 175.4. When I started I wore a tight size 12 and sometimes size 14. I am now buying everything in a size 10. My size 12 pants are falling down.

During the contest, I started out slowly with TT Beginner, TT Intermediate, and my final was T2K5 with some of the modifications suggested on the ttfatloss blog (posted right around the end of February). I am really excited to get into using my kettlebell more and even TT Adrenaline.

I started out simply, but now I am so excited to have so many options to learn more about my body. That is what I like most about TT. I can’t figure out workouts on my own. It is just so amazing to have so many to choose from that can really stretch you. I just love seeing what Craig is going to throw at us next.

I can’t begin to explain how invaluable the information Craig is putting out there is to me. I read the ttfatloss blog faithfully and the nutrition content lately has been excellent.

I started the TT transformation contest doing Eat Stop Eat, but for an emotional eater I was sidetracking myself on days off so I went back to 6 meals a day that I have done in the past. But after Brad’s recent interview, I am ready to give Eat Stop Eat a try again. I really believe in his vision. I am also incorporating some of the vegetarian meals that Craig has posted lately. We have adopted meatless Mondays at our home (my husband is not excited but he is slowly getting on board as he has realized that there are some great tastes to explore).

I also think that having community is so important to fat loss and overall health. I already belonged to an online community, so I continued with that and did not get involved in the TT members forum here, but I think that it has so much to offer. Moral of the story, you need support and it is out there, go get it! You will be so thankful.

Again, thanks Craig for everything. I just love TT. I am a TT Transformation finisher!!!



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