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Joel Dropped 20 Pounds of Fat With Turbulence Training and Cheat Your Way Thin

I have known about Craig Ballantyne for years, ever since he started writing for Men’s Health Magazine. I have always appreciated his training knowledge and his willingness to share it with others. I have recommended his TT workouts to many people, and I have used some of them myself at various times over the past few years.

But even though I pointed many people to TT workouts for fat loss, I never really considered using them long term for myself, mainly because I thought they looked too easy. I was used to lifting heavy weights and going all out in an attempt to gain strength and mass at all costs. That kind of lifting left me bigger and a lot stronger, but it also left me with about 25 lbs of extra fat from bad eating habits, once I honestly evaluated where I was.

I decided I needed to get rid of the fat as efficiently as possible, while trying not to lose the strength and muscle gains I had worked so hard for over the past year. Based on the incredible results I had seen in others who used the Turbulence Training workouts, I decided to give TT a try.

I found out quickly that the TT workouts are not “too easy”, and in fact they’re perfect for burning fat quickly while preserving lean muscle mass, which is exactly what I wanted. The workouts are based on non-competing supersets, and they use a combination of many different exercise types to work every muscle in your body.

The big compound movements in the middle rep ranges give your muscles a good workout that actually makes them stronger, while the supersets and short rest periods keep your heart rate up the entire workout. That’s a perfect combination.

I found myself completely exhausted after many of the workouts, with my heart pounding like I had just done an intense cardio session, but I hadn’t even done any cardio. That’s when I knew that the workouts were pushing me to my fullest fat burning potential.

In fact, my body often felt like it was on fire for several hours after the workout was over, and it was almost like I could feel the fat melting off throughout the day. And all of this was done in about 45 minutes per workout, three to four times a week. I combined the TT workouts with a nutrition program called Cheat Your Way Thin along with elements from Eat Stop Eat, and the results were very effective.

During the 12 weeks of this contest, I burned off almost 20 lbs of fat while preserving my lean muscle. I reduced my waist measurement by almost 4 inches without losing much from my chest and shoulders. I reduced my body fat by 5%, and I am getting close to my overall goal of being below 10% body fat.

I posted my workouts, nutrition, and results on the TT forums several times per week, and I received feedback that encouraged me and motivated me to keep working hard. Having people to push you and keep you honest is critical to fat loss, and the TT forums definitely provide that support.

Turbulence Training has exceeded my expectations and allowed me to get one step closer to my goal of a strong healthy body for life. I look forward to continuing with TT to finish up my journey and get under 10% body fat over the next couple of months. Thank you Craig and Turbulence Training!


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