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Becky Loses 4% Body Fat and 3 Inches of Belly Fat in 12 Weeks and Gets Lean Flat Abs Without Crunches

Wow! I'm not sure where to begin. Maybe an introduction would be best. My name is Becky (aka Daisy23259). I'm a wife, mother, sister and friend. (And million other rolls that go along with mother.

For those who have read my thread, you know my last 12 weeks have been a very bumpy ride to say the least. It challenged me to find strength within myself to keep going and never give up on this challenge. I may not have lost the most weight, nor the most inches, but what I learned about myself will last a lifetime.

In the beginning of this challenge things were on the up and up. I had the opportunity to go to Transformation Domination Live and meet so many of our mentors including Craig Ballantyne. It was an awesome experience! What a great way to stay motivated!

I also was rockin with the TT workouts and my nutrition was much better than what it had beenJ. I still struggle with all the diet do's and don'ts and was grateful when Craig wrote his Simple Nutrition which helped to bring me back to the basics. I really was proud of myself for the effort I was putting into the challenge and was starting to see some ABS!!! WITHOUT CRUNCHES!!!!!! How cool is that?!?!

February came and I was still plugging away. Tried not to beat myself up for any screw-ups that I made alone the way, and realizing that life goes on and my next choice would be wiser. This was always something I had a hard time with. I was that perfectionist wanna-be who now realizes that life will never be perfect.

Craig's motivating posts on Face Book helped to keep me steered in the right direction. You can't just give up because something didn't go right. Learn a lesson from the wrong choice not beat yourself up get over it and move on!

February also was a month where my world started to crumble before my eyes. My 2 ∏ yr old son Braeden was seen by an ear, nose, and throat specialist for possible fluid in his ears or sinuses and or a hearing problem.

He was running with his head tilted to one side, hitting his forehead with his hand and continues to not have speech (he started talking but around 1 ∏ he lost all words and now has none). Autism was floating in my mind.

My husband and I thought best case scenario would be a recommendation of tubes by the ENT. Our best case turned into a parent's worst nightmare and we left with the recommendation of an evaluation of Braeden by a pediatric neurologist.

I cried for days. As a parent I felt like I had failed my beautiful little boy. I know this is not my fault but you only want the best for your kids. I started spiraling out of control and started entering a depressive state.

We saw the neurologist and he confirmed that Braeden was on the Autism Spectrum. He did say that he has high hopes that with therapy will be very high functioning. A few days later I snapped out of my terrible mood and realized that he needs me!

If I can't get my act together, think of the positives, and keep myself healthy-how in the world am I going to be able to be there for my son.

So that's what I did! With the support of family, friends, and fellow TT members- I found the strength within me to not quit the challenge. I thank each and every one of you who had kind, motivating words to say.

To sum up these 12 weeks what I have learned is:

Don't Ever Give Up!

Programs I used:

Original TT, HCF, Hot Chicks and Transformation 2(my fav)

Start: End:

1/01/2010 3/27/2010
Weight: 132.6 lbs 126.2 lbs (-6.4)
Body Fat: 27.0% 23.0% (-4%)
Arms: R 11.5 in 10.75 in (-.75)
L 11.5 in 11 in (-.5)
Chest: 33 in 32 in (-1.0)
Waist: 27.5 in 26.5 in (-1 in)
Belly B: 31.75 28.75 in (-3.0)
Hips: 34 33.0 in (-1.0)
Thigh: R: 22 21.0 in (-1.0)
L:22 21.0 in (-1.0)
9.25 total inches lost


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