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Kelly Loses 13.5 Pounds and Over 6% Body Fat While Eating More and Still Enjoying a Cold Beer in Moderation!

I have always been concerned about my health. I look at my parents and see what I do not want to become when I get older. I have severe asthma and about 12 years ago I got into cycling to increase lung capacity for the overall health improvement, I got hooked, rode my bike everywhere and eventually got into racing.

Prior to starting the contest I had set a goal to lose 10lbs by my 40th birthday, and to lose a total of 22lbs by the big race in September. I used to race single speed mountain bikes in the state series and decided I wanted to race again, but this time instead of 4th overall I wanted 1st!

I started the TT program on the advice of a friend; he knew I worked out a lot. The problem is working out a lot doesn’t mean results…just look at my before photos!

I spent just as much time in the gym before TT. With TT I was finally able to bring together the weights, intervals and diet for some great results!

The TT program I used was the Home Abdominal Workouts Intermediate (week 1-4), Advanced Phase I (weeks 5-8) and Phase II (weeks 9-12). I plan on finishing up the Phase III then going on with 2K9 or the Original.

About 7 weeks into the contest we had a family photo scheduled. I couldn’t find a pair of pants that fit! I had to buy some new dress pants, and this was only half way through!

There are several things I finally figured out while doing this contest. First is diet. My diet was never really bad; it was just the amount I ate.

The problem was I didn’t actually eat enough. With the amount of time I spent exercising I should have been taking in 2000 to 2500 calories a day. I was nowhere close to that. After I started to take in the correct amount I started to lose 1.5 to 2 lbs a week. I will be honest; I did drink too much beer. Now I still enjoy my beer, but in moderation.

Getting in shape is like any other project; one needs to have tangible goals. I like the fact the Craig puts a “goals” contract in his workouts. It forces you to think about what you want to achieve, and when you want to achieve it.

My hats off to Craig, I believe in him and his quest to help people lose weight not only fast but also safe. I also want to thank everybody in the forums for their kind words of encouragement. Keep your eyes open for Oatmeal’s continuing journal.


Below are my before and after stats

Jan 3 2009
Height: 71.5"
Weight: #183.5
Waist: 35.5"
Hip: 39.25"
Bicep: 13.875"
Forearm: 12"
Thigh: 22 "
Wrist: 6.625"
Calve: 16 "
Chest: 38.5"
BF: 20.1%

March 28 2009
Height: 71.5"
Weight: #170 -13.5lbs
Waist: 33" -2.5 inches
Hip: 36.375" -2.875 inches
Bicep: 14.125 +0.25 inches
Forearm: 12"
Thigh: 23.25" +1.25 inches
Wrist: 6.75"
Calve: 16"
Chest: 38.5"
BF: 14% -6.1% BF

I can’t believe I gained 1.25” in my thighs…must be all the step-ups and split squats!


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