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Catherine Transforms Again! She Loses 10 Pounds, 4% Body Fat, and 2 Inches from Her Thighs While Breaking Through Her Fat Loss Plateau

Here it is! The end of another 12 week adventure.

I'm beside myself! Seriously, I'm so glad I didn't listen to that silly little voice in the back of my head that said, "You've already transformed your body, and the closer you get to the last ten pounds, the harder it gets. Why set yourself up for disappointment?"

Back off little voice, I've got TT!

I couldn't be happier about discovering for myself that anything is possible with the right mindset, faith, and a good plan.

First the nutrition. I stayed right around 1600 calories with 1 ESE day most weeks. If I found myself struggling with cravings, I would lower my carbs and bump up the fat and protein a little, and that really helped.

As of three weeks ago, I completely cut out wine, and I know that made a big difference in getting me unstuck after I spent a few weeks at 126 pounds.

By the way, I had a couple of rough days near the end of February when I had cake (more than one piece) 3 nights in a row. I include this because it's important to realize that you can lose your way, get back on track, and get back to success.

The one part of my plan that I did not waver from was the workouts. I used TT for Abs, Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks, and TT for Amazing Abs. (Yes, there is a pattern there.)

Starting weight- 133
Height- 5"2"
Chest- 36"
Waist 25.5
Hips- 37"
Thigh- 21.75
Calf- 15
Neck- 12.5
Arm- 11
Body Fat- 26%

Ending weight- 123- lost ten pounds.
Chest- 34"
Waist - 24"
Hips- 35.5"
Thigh- 19.5"
Calf- 14"
Neck- 11.5
Arm- 10.5- lost 9.75 inches
Body fat- 22% Down 4%

I didn't miss a single workout, and if you asked my advice on how to transform, I would point to that as my key to success.

All of us on the boards know that you can't out train a bad diet, but when you stay faithful to the workouts you keep improving, and you get the feel good endorphins on your side.

TT is amazing for my mood. I bound out of bed at 6 o' clock every morning and I'm happy to do it. Objects (and people) in motion tend to stay in motion, and it just feels so good to be in this positive groove.

Of course it wouldn't be a TT contest without amazing support and inspiration from the great people on the boards. Every time I thought about or posted to another TT member, I knew I was helping myself as much as I was supporting them. Just to know that we all wrestle with cravings, life, and stress, makes it easier to stay in the game.

Success at TT has changed my life by giving me the courage to go after my other dreams with more gusto. It is easier to be daring when you're fit. Today I feel proud, strong, beautiful, and happy.

My ideal has become real, and I will never give up the great feeling I get from working out with Turbulence Training. Thank you Colin and Van for always cheering me on and being proud of me, and a Thousand Thanks to Craig and everybody on the boards."

Catherine Gordon

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