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Andy, a Proud Father of 3, Gets Ripped Six Pack Abs Without Counting Calories By Losing 13.4 Pounds and Burning 5.5% Body Fat

84 days of hardcore Turbulence Training…completed! This is indeed the most fittest I’ve ever been in my entire life. My ENTIRE LIFE.

Even my body in my teens and young adulthood does not compare to now being a 35 year old working father of twin boys and a 1 year old son and of course a husband.

It’s been a wonderful ride these past 12 weeks and I will say with some pride here - that I am very happy with my results I got personally from Turbulence Training.

I’ll admit – I ended 2008 at 175 lbs. I felt really heavy and with alot of Holiday gatherings going on at the time, my BF shot up to 17% - how did I let 3 months of my life ruin me that way?

I decided to jump in the the 4th TT contest and try to really get to some solid – yet very reachable goals and have fun with a lot of others who joined in for the accountability.

I knew by entering this contest would really give me that accountability I needed and it worked to my advantage. Logging in my workouts and supporting my other friends at ttmembers.com really wanted me to do the right thing here. No short cuts. I really wanted to truly lean out and work on that 6 pack like I’ve never attempted to do in my entire life!

I knew my workouts alone were not going to take care of it here. I knew it was primarily up to my nutrition and that's what I focused on - but still keeping consistent with my exercise. Honestly, I didn’t even have to count calories because I knew as long as I applied the correct strategies here and live the lifestyle to it’s truest form as best I could - I knew I would drop the body fat not just gradually but quickly.

I ate small meals every 3-4 hours, 5-7 times a day...sometimes 8 times a day (each meal had a lean protein source). I’d also like to mention Isabel De Los Rios’ Advanced Abdominal Nutrition Guidelines which were very simple to follow and really helped me to get that 6 pack I’ve dreamed of along with Craig's Turbulence Training Workouts.

Again, just really sensible eating habits. And quite frankly, I no longer have the temptation for those high carb foods as much compared to the end of last year. But I do believe in rewards and will indulge once a week so that I can at least share a great time eating pizza or ice cream with the family - guilt free as long as I know I was 90% compliant throughout the week.

And that reward would be something I would always look forward to at the end of the week. But I always had to train hard during the week to earn it!

Here are my stats:
1/9/09 – 170.4 lbs 16% BF Waist: 32.5"
4/3/09 – 157 lbs at 10.5% BF Waist: 30.5"
- 13.4 lbs weight lost
- 5.5% decrease in BF
- lost 2 inches off my waist..abs are visible now with hardly any effort!

Programs used (all conditioning and athletic based):
2008 TT February Circuit 2 weeks
2006 TT Synergy Program 4 weeks
2006 TT Hardcore Fat Loss Program 3 weeks (favorite routine of them all.
Definitely felt the changes with this program)
2009 TT March Madness Hardcore Circuits 3 weeks (Great close out program! Really dropped the BF even more)

Other TT Approved Supplemental Workouts used in conjunction with above program:
6 Minute Abs (Advanced)
3 Minute Arms Systems
Advanced BW Interval Cardio
TT Weekly Challenges

I truly believe in the Turbulence Training System. The TT programs I chosen to get to my goals were spot on effective. The TT Hardcore Fat Loss Program and Craig’s newer workout the March Madness Program were 2 programs I really enjoyed doing the most.

I never really had to think too much either. I had a mindset to accomplish all my goals and I think I did. I knew the plan going into this was simple yet the hardest to stay consistent with: nutrition. So all I had to do was put everything together was all - and keep it a lifestyle once again for me here on out.

But the main factor in my own success was THREE FOLD:

1) Believing in a system that truly works (Exercise: Turbulence Training/Nutrition: Isabel De Los Rios Advanced Ab Meal Plan principles)

2) Setting short term and long term goals (now this really made a big difference in my transformation).

3) Journaling and finding social support from friends, family and online.
Focus on goals from week to week was key. It doesn't make sense to start from point A and hope to get to point C in a week. I learned to take things one experience at a time, never lose sight of the goal and stay consistent with this.

I learned not to look too far forward because I realized that I might just miss the beauty of the journey to begin with. If my goal was to lose a pound by next Friday…I was determined to do that and I did. And again that meant:

- setting realistic goals
- eating right and making better food choices
- consistently doing the TT programs
- getting my rest
- posting my workouts at the TT forums daily

These past 12 weeks really nailed it for me...and now I feel that I really exceeded my own expectaions here - a true testament to Craig’s philosophies here if done consistently and with the right mindset.

One of his biggest philosophies in weight loss is to find social support. I really realized how effective it is to be really accountable not only to myself but to a great number of friends and family that will really give you a good pull of the ears when things may have went bad on a nutrition day for instance. That really kept me on the straight and narrow these past 84 days to not fall off.

The accountability factor was huge. It wasn’t easy but it actually became less and less difficult as the weeks went by (and when you’re having fun with it - you become so accustomed to a healthier lifestyle - thus living healthy became less and less stressful once again). As weeks became months, I was losing weight rather quickly and I felt lighter…but one thing that really surprised me was my conditioning.

Nowadays, when I do play volleyball - I can last longer on the court, my jumps are surprisingly HIGHER and my swings have even more power in them. To top this off and this summed it all for me - I was recently approached by a high school varsity player at our local volleyball gym one night and was asked what high school I was playing for. He couldn’t believe I was 35 years young and can still play! I couldn't believe he thought I was that young!

No fluff. No gimmicks. No supplements. No non sense. 13.4 lbs of fat lost in just a matter of 12 weeks.

Many, many thanks Craig for making me the fittest I’ve ever been. I owe you big time."

Andy Apsay

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